Hi. I’m Ashlyn.

Middle World Adventures was created to share stories of my wandering life. After growing up in the midwest and living ten years in Charleston, my spouse and I moved from the Holy City to Hungary.

📷: Kristin Ariel Photography

I’m an avid reader, manic writer, and have a passion for creating change.

I am forever: wandering, searching for the abandoned, questioning everything, exploring local cuisine, and finding the nearest library. Always with a coffee in hand.

Why “Middle World Adventures”?

In Hungarian folklore the world is divided into three levels. The Upper World (Felső világ) is home to the gods; the Underworld (Alsó világ) is the lowest layer. In between is the Middle World (Középső világ), where we live. At the center of the world is the Tree of Life (Világfa/Életfa) which connects all three layers: its foliage reaches Felső világ and its roots all the way to Alsó világ.

I’m sharing stories from the Middle World. Középső világ kalandok.

You can read a couple of my newest posts here:

Queen in the North: Tromsø (Romsa), Norway

Last winter Chris and I visited one of my dream locations–Tromsø, Norway. Chris previously traveled to Scandinavian cities above the Arctic Circle for work, but this was my first time experiencing a place so northern! My main goals for this trip included experiencing Sami culture (the indigenous people in this region), see the Northern Lights,…