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Hi. I’m Ashlyn.

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Middle World Adventures was created to share my stories of living abroad. After growing up in the midwest and living ten years in Charleston, my spouse and I moved from the Holy City to Hungary. You’ll find our travel stories under the destinations tab, along with a fully downloadable map of all our favorite sites in each city and a list of my upcoming adventures.


I’m an avid reader, manic writer, and have a passion for creating change.

You can read a couple of my newest posts here:

  • “On a Clear Day I can See Forever”: Örebro, Sweden

    October 26, 2019 by

    This spring I had the amazing opportunity to visit Sweden! Always at the top of my list, I jumped at the chance to travel with Chris to Örebro, the seventh largest city in the Scandinavian country (including immigrants from 165 countries)! Unfortunately for Shotshchild, he had a ton of extra work to do, but fortunately… Read more

  • Heights & Ice Cream: Esztergom, Hungary

    September 29, 2019 by

    This spring a couple of friends and I traveled to the Hungarian city of Esztergom. Known for its history and beautiful architecture, we had a fun afternoon exploring the old buildings and enjoying delicious food. Esztergom is known for its Basilica, which is both the largest church and tallest building in Hungary; this last piece… Read more

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Why “Middle World Adventures”?

In Hungarian folklore the world is divided into three levels. The Upper World (Felső világ) is home to the gods; the Underworld (Alsó világ) is the lowest layer. In between is the Middle World (Középső világ), where we live. At the center of the world is the Tree of Life (Világfa/Életfa) which connects all three layers: its foliage reaches Felső világ and its roots all the way to Alsó világ.

I’m sharing stories from the Middle World. Középső világ kalandok.