2022 Year in Review: AllThe[Food, Coffee, & Snacks]Things

Cheers to being that annoying kid photographing all the things I consumed in the past year!

Budapest Beer Week

I divided this post up by food and snacks, coffee, and drinks, then by destination. There’s no ranking here, friends. Each dish and sip is a treasure.

I drink my coffee black but I respect the hustle here.

New places — after rebooking three times (fourth is the charm!) we finally traveled to the home of my favorite breweries — Copenhagen; I relearned everything I thought I knew about vegetables in Barcelona.
Old favorites — Savoring every sip of my favorite tiny coffee shop in Budapest; I don’t consider myself superstitious but I absolutely must make all of my good luck dishes before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve,

Let’s goooooooo —

Travel Eats & Drinks:

Favorite Food & Snacks:

Barcelona, Spain:

This tasting menu at Fat Veggies is thee perfect way to end a day wandering Barcelona. Moody and cozy with homemade drinks, this entire menu was great, interesting, and at an extremely reasonable price. This take on cauliflower three ways is what dreams are made of.
Ordering all the Middle Eastern apps at Flax & Kale.
And the pasta and jackfruit tacos too — why not?
Our last night in Barcelona we splurged on the tasting menu at Xavier Pellicer and I had one of the best meals of my life. They are truly the humble veg into a dish that takes your breath away. I’m still thinking about their take on a tomato.
Another amazing vegetarian menu at Rasoterra. Just out of this world combinations.
The new love of my life: Khachapuri and all her cousins. We had this delicious Lebanese Fatayer at SimSim.
Quick lunch at La Raposa
Pinch J small bites after wandering the Montjuïc Cemetery.
All the apps at Vegetalia Gòtic 
The first stop on the best food tour in Barcelona! La Cova Fumada is a tiny, family-owned restaurant specializing in locally sourced seafood and vegetables. The simple white beans, locally foraged mushrooms, and hunks of bread slathered in butter and oil were out of this world. Alas, I forgot to take a picture because I was having an out of body experience.
Next stop: Bodega La palma for small bites, cheese plate, the best Barcelona tomato bread and local wine ❤
Last stop: Rocambolesc for amazing gelato

Budapest, Hungary:

When in Budapest, you go to Dobrumba.
Shakshouka all day every day please.
My first brunch in Budapest all those years ago, we had to come back to Cirkusz when we visited last year.
They hooked me on Turkish eggs alllll the way back in 2016. Still just as great today.
This year’s food trucks at Budapest Beer Week were top notch. Here’s a goat cheese “burger” with jam and onions.
Stopping for nachos at Tereza
My new favorite food is the Georgian culinary masterpiece that is Khachapuri. Our last night in Budapest we had a lovely dinner at Hachapuri and I can’t recommend this spot enough.

Berlin, Germany:

This giant bread undertaking at the Alexanderplatz market was a site to behold!
Absolute shit photo but this bread game is on point.
Still dreaming about this truffle spätzle picked up at the Charlottenburg Palace market.
Here is why Shakespeare and Sons is a must visit for me in Berlin: the bookstore is adjacent to one of the only places in the city where you can order authentic bagel sandwiches — Fine Bagels Berlin. Their chef, Laurel Kratochvila, just released her cookbook of European baking recipes including the cafe’s Rugelach, Challah, and beloved bagels.
Schedule your Berlin trip to coincide with Kreuzberg’s Turkish Market. My advice is to pick up a freshly made börek, then walk down to the lovely She said bookstore, home to titles from women and queer authors.
Loved this lunch at Mogg, a cozy deli located in a former Jewish girls’ school. One of the only places to find a Reuben, they are known for their smoked pastrami and generous portions. I ordered the shakshouka (you’re seeing a theme here).
You know I’m going to find dumplings in any city I visit and Berlin is no different. We had a lovely lunch before the Jack White show at Datscha, a restaurant that specializes in Slavic and Eastern European cuisine including Russian, Ukrainian, and Siberian dishes. Of course I ordered vareniki (Ukrainian dumplings) and strawberry blinis.
Facing a backlash as the Russians invaded Ukraine, the restaurant clarified that as a immigrants from a number of countries finding a home in Berlin (“We have been living in Germany for more than 30 years and, like all Europeans, support the democratic values ​​of freedom, equality and justice”) they hosted a number of fundraisers for Ukrainian aid.
Very much 2006 Marie Antoinette vibes at Brammibal’s Vegan Donuts. Not just this gorgeous fusion of strawberries and pretzel but also that they were playing the Cure this afternoon

København, Denmark:

We reserved a four course meal at Nørrebro Bryghus and I can’t recommend this brewery and restaurant enough. Danish Christmas season is no joke and many restaurants offer tasting menus inspired by the holidays. This dark bread (made of spent grain from the brewing process) and whipped butter was just so. good.
This classic holiday dessert of chilled rice pudding with all the seasonal flavors was amazing.
When in Denmark you order all the smørrebrød (Scandinavian open faced sandwiches) and Aamanns Deli & Takeaway Østerbro is famous for them. The potato (top) was THE BEST BITE, roast beef (middle) and holiday cheese (bottom).
Absolutely loved these Popl burgers. I tried the one of a kind spicy fermented quinoa and loved it. Their fries were nice and crispy too — such a treat.
Praise be for Hart Bageri.
I ordered the goat cheese and vegetables (top) and Chris had the roast beef (bottom) on a delicious dark bread.
We LOVED Mikkeller’s brewpub, Warpigs. The beer was top notch and the location is fun. Their take on Texas BBQ was largely a win for us with great smoked meats (according to Chris), homey macaroni and cheese, and decent hush puppies (no one makes them like South Carolina — I discovered I’m a hush puppy purist).
We watched the Ohio State & Xichigan gaxe on our ipad during the Denmark World Cup match at Cocks and Cows SP34. Both were brutal rip-your-heart-out losses but at least these onion rings were on point.

Frankfurt, Germany:

We had to stop at Aman Tandoor and Bar after seeing Eric Warheim’s dinner here when he visited Frankfurt. Love their cozy outdoor space and delicious truffle naan.
I’m always down to stop at a Brewdog location no matter what city. Solid beer choices and bomb veg options — including this seitan patty on a beetroot brioche bun — we had a nice afternoon hanging out here.
Sunny Side Up has a lovely vegetarian brunch with a ton of sweet and savory options. A perfect way to start a day of wandering.

Kraków, Poland:

Germany may be known for their Christmas markets but Eastern Europe’s market food during the holidays is top tier for us. Chris patiently waited all season for THEE bratwurst and ordered this one in Poland with all the toppings.
Oh the humble lángos how I’ve missed you.
Labneh and hummus at Hamsa.
All the spinach börek.
Ranny Ptaszek is my absolute favorite brunch spot in Kraków. This shakshouka with mushroom “sausage” and homemade pickles was the best way to start our snowy day.
Known as the “Polish pizza”, zapiekanki is our favorite street food snack and options at Zapiekanki Królewskie are no joke. Open late with a variety of toppings — plus an amazing grandma serving up plates when we were there — make sure you stop by.

Malmö, Sweden:

Located near the train station, Malmö Saluhall is the perfect place to stop for fika or lunch. The dining hall has veg, fish, and meat options, but their bakery choices are top notch.

Strasbourg, France:

Love, love, love this African and Creole brunch at Hey Mama.
This brioche French toast with banana and popcorn infused whipped cream is what dreams are made of.

Stuttgart, Germany:

I always forget to take a food photo at Sultan Saray because I’m just so stoked for my order. The owner picked an entire feast of appetizers for us to share that I’m still thinking about.
My go-to spätzle in Stuttgart is from Brauhaus Schönbuch.

Wrocław, Poland:

Just have to order what the heart wants at Pierogarnia Stary Młyn Wrocław.
The menu options at Pierogarnia Rynek 26 are b a n a n a s and I highly recommend ordering the placki ziemniaczane (potato pancakes) even if you need a nap after.
Chris’s happy place — Restauracja pod Fredrą.

Best Coffee:

Budapest, Hungary:

My favorite way to start a day of adventures is at My Little Melbourne.

Kraków, Poland:

Ranny Ptaszek coffee break
Always, always, always order the Turkish coffee. Of all the things I love about Hamsa, the coffee is my favorite.

Stuttgart, Germany:

I love the coffee and cozy atmosphere of Misch Misch.

Favorite Drinks:

Berlin, Germany:

Nice little stop at hedgehog-themed Hopfenreich Craft Beer.
Technically every beer brewed here is pride (BRLO is a LGBT-owned brewery) but this year’s batch was so tasty and perfect for the (absolutely sweltering) summer days. They also boast the title of Germany’s first vegetable-focused brewery gastronomy and a giant curling space in the winter.

København, Denmark:

Love, love, love, love, love To Øl and their taphouse– BRUS. I tried my first To Øl beer at Budapest Beer Week 2019 and was so excited to stop here in person.
This Juleøl (Christmas beer) cocktail at Nørrebro Bryghus was hands-down my favorite of 2022.
Oh, La Neta. Mikkeller is one of my favorite breweries and the combination of solid tacos and even more solid beers made this my new happy place ❤

Kraków, Poland:

The quiet and unique atmosphere of Eszeweria makes it my favorite hangout spot in Kazimierz.
Back for a cozy winter night at Mleczarnia.

Malmö, Sweden:

Hyllie Bryggeri’s taproom is so adorable and the beer was pretty tasty. A nice place to stop near the train station.

Stuttgart, Germany:

Paul & George is one of my favorite speakeasies and a lovely spot for a cozy hangout.

Wrocław, Poland:

Loved spending the afternoon at Szynkarnia. Their beers are great and they boast a fun (and veg friendly!) menu.

At Home:

Syniki (fried Slavic cheese pancakes found in Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian, and Lithuanian cusine) for New Years brunch.
My attempt at recreating the Turkish eggs at home.
All the sourdough focaccia.
My crumb is improving this year!
My first attempt at Pampushka (Ukrainian garlic bread) to the left, pretzel bread (top) and sourdough rye (bottom right).
Comfort baking.
My new favorite — Everything Bagel Focaccia
Our attempt at a Passover Seder featuring greens from Chef Michael Twitty.
Chris’s infamous enchiladas.
Nothing like veg “sausage” topped with Zuza Zak‘s Baltic sauerkraut with dill and hot honey.
A take on shakshouka, this saag-shuka from Asha Loupy is so warm and yummy. A lovely combination of northern Indian and North African / Israeli / Iranian / Persian cooking.
Weekend shakshouka.
Homemade nachos to help our hearts recover from the last season of Better Call Saul.
Chris’s famous sourdough cheese bread. I make the dough and he makes the za — this old school northeastern Ohio recipe is the best.
My first attempt at sourdough cinnamon rolls for the Better Call Saul season finale.

New Years Eve:

Vegan cornbread with hot peppers — a comfort staple.
French onion dip and taco dip — not normally on my good-luck-for-the-new-year menu, but a must-have for watching NCAA semifinal championship games.
Hoppin’ John
The vegan version combines Hoppin John recipes from Gullah Geechee chefs Michael Twitty and BJ Dennis, along with Timothy Pakron of Mississippi Vegan’s New Year’s Stew.
Vegan cabbage rolls.
I’m absolute shit at forming them correctly, but these pączki (Polish donuts) from Michał Korkosz taste amazing. I subbed cardamom and brown sugar for the rose water in this recipe.
New Years Day hash brown casserole. You can take the girl out of the midwest but…
This overnight French toast used oat milk and the German sweet braided bread, Hefezopf.


Treasuring churros in Barcelona.
📷: Home Base Belgium


Reading: The Round House (Louise Erdrich)
Watching: The Last of Us (HBO)
Listening: White Lies Season 2 (NPR)

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  1. WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN???? Ashlyn I can TASTE this post! Juicy, fragrant, flavorful, amazingness. I need to try some of that Danish pub food … and I can still taste that Xavier Pellicer tomato! Love this post that’s a tribute to all things food … something tells me that one day it will be rare to have so many flavors and options in just one year. We are so lucky! So thankful for it in this time of our lives!


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