All You Need is Ice Cream: Szigliget, Hungary



Our amazing friends from Charleston visited last year and we all took a trip to Lake Balaton for the first time. I’m actually pretty ashamed that I haven’t been to Balaton (although we had a trip scheduled before I caught the flu during my birthday) but it was great to experience Central Europe’s largest lake with them.

Also, can we just talk about how amazing Heather and Karl are to smuggle SIX biscuits with them from Charleston (EVO Bakery) all the way to Hungary?

Where are we?

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 7.46.38 PM.pngSzigliget (Hungarian for “island park” ) is a village located on Balaton, about an hour (and crazy-bumpy) drive away. Balaton is a freshwater lake and its name stems from the Czech word meaning “sinkhole, deep end of a lake.” A huge tourist destination for Hungary, Balaton has a ton of different towns and villages dotting the coast. Because the average temperature of the water is 77 degrees F in the summer, most visitors either swim, paddleboard, or hang out on one of the beaches.

The many travel sites on Balaton.

Balaton is a shallow lake and runs across the Bakony Mountains. While one large lake today, Balaton was originally five smaller lakes that formed together over time. During the third century, the area experienced a great deal of volcanic activity, which helped shape the landscape of now-Szigliget and Badacsony Mountain. In 1954, mining was halted at the mountain and a national park was established to protect the unique landscape, wildlife, and vegetation that makes up this portion of Balaton.

Badacsony Mountain also boasts a unique wine region due to the volcanic soil.

The village of Szigliget is located on the northern side of Balaton, near Badacsony. Built on and between volcanic hills, the village has beautiful views of the lake, an adorable center of town, and has an old fortress/castle that is easy to tour. Originally an island that was connected to Balaton in 1822, the first settlers occupied this area during the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. While the lake was much deeper during this time–making uncovering artifacts more difficult–archeologists have found a number of tools that can be attributed to the first people that lived near Szigliget.

View from the top of the fortress.

Originally built as a fortress, Szigleget Castle was transitioned to an official castle after the king fell in love with the design and location in 1262. Over time “the Castle of Balaton” exchanged hands, was added to and torn apart, and even was used for its original purpose as a fortress. After the Turkish occupation of Hungary, the castle lost its importance and due to lack of care and erosion, fell into disarray. In the 1600s, the castle nearly burnt completely down after catching fire from a lightning bolt; due to its loss as a primary military tool, Kaiser Lipot I had Szigleget Castle demolished (and many of the villagers used the debris to build their homes) to most of the ruins that can be seen today. Many parts of the castle (now owned by the village Szigliget) were rebuilt and the area was turned into a park that celebrated its 755 year anniversary in 2015.

Szigliget Castle today (Via
How the castle may have looked before destruction.

The hike up to the castle is pretty easy, with a ton of markers detailing the wildlife and vegetation native to the area.




Chris: “Can I smoke here?”
Conquerors of Szigliget


The castle also includes a playground, although I felt like this swingset reminded me of Nigel Thornberry from the Wild Thornberries.
You can’t unsee it.
#ClassicKarl being a creep

Szigleget is a small village (less than 3,500 people) and is one of the quieter and more authentic stops on Balaton. They also have the best ice cream ever! As is custom with traveling with Heather, we have to eat ice cream in every town.


Umbrellas decorate the walk to the small center of town.


Wise words to live by.

Várkávézó Szigliget is an absolute must-stop ice cream stop, no matter if you just happen to find yourself casually driving past Balaton or intentionally are visiting the area. The pistachio flavor was on point. Their flavors change with the seasons, but they are really diverse and unique. I love this Yelp review of the shop:

We live in Szekesfehervar, which is about an hour and a half away. Living in Hungary, we, like nearly everyone else, has an ice cream, on average…. every day of the year. I swear. If you took away beer or ice cream, Hungary would stop working at all. With that said, as you might imagine, Hungarians are experts on ice cream and are all aficionados. We are no exception.
These guys imported Italian machinery and use only in season fresh fruits, nuts and sweets to create their ice cream. It’s so good that twice, we’ve driven the hour and half, each way, just for the ice cream when there are at least 10 ice cream places within walking distance from our house. Seriously. No joke.

The best.


Ice cream in Pápa


Ashlyn (2)



4 thoughts on “All You Need is Ice Cream: Szigliget, Hungary

  1. I’m wandering around your blog looking for Bory castle and stumbled upon Szigliget! Obv I’m obsessed with the ice cream there, but can’t wait to try the NEW one you said you found right nearby! You should add it to this post! Mostly so I can see your review alongside other (hilarious and amaizng) Yelp reviews you find. HAHA! Also – CHRIS IS SMILING IN THE SELFIE ABOVE!! It made me smile, too. 🙂 xo


  2. Bri! I need to update this post because there’s now a TACO TRUCK in Szigliget! I went last weekend and they sold out before I could order, but best believe I am going back for tacos AND ice cream!

    I’m hoping to write a post on my fave ice cream and its little town of Mindszentkálla! So cute!

    The very rare Hochschild smiling selfie–had to post it 😉


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