About Me


Originally from right outside of Cleveland, I married the coolest kid in the world and we moved to Charleston, SC in 2006. I finished my degrees at the College of Charleston (Political Science, Environmental Studies) where I also worked in sustainability (developing internship programs, sharing stories of the South, creating local food purchasing policies, and hosting events).


After spending a couple of weeks in Germany in 2014, we realized that hey, spending time abroad could be our next big adventure. The opportunity came our in 2016, way just shy of our ten year wedding anniversary, and here we are. A piece of my heart will always be with the Holy City, but I was excited to make room for another new place (and experience all of this with the loves of my life: Chris, Porkchop, and Ike).IMG_8860

We had a rough transition in the beginning. Moving away from your only home to a totally new place is crazy-stressful. Thankfully we had an amazing support system of family and friends to help us. After living abroad for two years (still can’t believe it). We’ve gained a ton of perspective and life experiences. Some things have been really, really, fucking hard. We had to say goodbye to our feisty Wino in 2017 and our Ivanushka “Ike” who passed away in the summer of 2018 from cancer.

Thankfully before Ike passed, the terror twins (Ike and Porkchop) became the terror trio (Ike, Porkchop, and Arya Tonks). Arya, our Hungarian village pug, came to us just at the right time.


In 2018 we decided to stay in Hungary for an additional few years. We’ll officially be abroad until 2020; just in time for the Tokyo Olympics.


I love to learn. I read too much, think too much, stress too much. I’ve embraced the fact that I’m a pochemuchka, a Russian word that doesn’t translate to English, but means the person who asks too many questions. In my thirty years I’ve had time to reflect on my experiences as a daughter, a spouse, a student, a sister, a teacher, and a woman trying to make it in the world.


Let’s get in touch! Send me a message, email, or connect with me on insta/fb/goodreads.