(Almost Two) Week Reflections.

Wow how has it almost been two weeks here?

The weather has been lovely; we had a couple of chilly days, but thankfully its warmed up because we brought zero cold weather clothes with us (and the rest of our clothes won’t be here until the end of September).

A couple of reflections in our two weeks here:

1.) The buildings are awesome.

IMG_2963 (3)
Side Streets

IMG_2969 (2)

Walking Street


Great Church in the Main Square

2.) Food (Part 1): Alright so my opinion on food is strictly from the vegetarian options available, so keep that in mind. Our lack of a kitchen has made actual cooking non-existent so its been a lot of cheese sandwiches for me and mystery meat lunches for Chris with a side of yogurt/fruit. The plus side of our situation is that eating at restaurants here is pretty cheap, so we’ve been able to go out and try some of the local cuisine. I also titled this as a “part 1” because I am terrible at social media and forget to take food pictures, so I’ll have to do a follow up to this post in the future.

Free Breakfast from our hotel. Yaaaaasssss. (Villa Classica)
Gnocchi with fresh vegetables (Villa Classica)
Mushroom Toast for lunch (Vitafit)
I mean let’s be real, we’re all interested in the ‘zerts. (Villa Classica)
Finally, Potato Pancakes! w/ Spinach Gnocchi (Galeria Bistro) Not pictured: My strawberry gelato I had for dessert.

3.) Random Music Tastes: Unfortunately I don’t have much photographic evidence of this so you’ll just have to take my word on it. Our first day here I saw someone spray-painted “korn” on the side of a building when I was walking PC and Ike. You might be thinking, hey they could mean something other than the music, who are you to jump to conclusions! except this was a very deliberate homage to the Jonathan Davis fronted band of our middle school days, complete with the backwards R. I saw another korn tag walking to the pharmacy the other day too; someone clearly is trying to bring this band back. From hearing Alien Ant Farm in a pub to the constant techno in cars passing by, Hungary has some very interesting musical choices. Do you, Papa, do you.

Chris snapped this pretty amazing music option at the pub jukebox:

Let’s listen to the complete Matrix album as we take Jameson or Palinka shots!

4.) My new (dog) friend: On nice days this little guy is always hanging out his window and I get to see him/her on my way to Walking Street.

Straight up chillin.

Yesterday he/she was being walked by her owner; I tried to sneaky-style take a picture but I didn’t want the owner to know what an actual creep I am so alas, no photo for you.

5.) Hotel dogs: Lawwwwd. I can’t tell whether being cooped up in a hotel is a positive or negative for PC and Ikers. Their lack of a backyard seems to be made up by sleeping on a made bed.


Hopefully we’ll be traveling soon, but you know getting those adult things (a place to live, a car to drive) decided has been unfortunately consuming our days.

Happy belated birthday to this babe!


10 thoughts on “(Almost Two) Week Reflections.

  1. Love the photos. Especially the doors. I must have a dozen or more photos of just doors from over there. I love the colors, wood working, history and the SIZES. The doors that have doors are really my fave.
    When will you be in a place of your own? Keep on posting.


    1. Hi Aunt Wendy! Thanks for the kind words–I too love all the doors and windows. We’re hoping to sign paperwork on a house this week (!!!) so once that’s final, I’ll definitely post pictures.


  2. This is such a exciting time for the four of you, enjoy everything. Do you have to get an international drivers license? When do you get your car? I hope the tapes I gave you are helping. Belated happy birthday to my dear Chris. I miss you all, have fun!


    1. Hi Bamma! Exciting but stressful! I got my drivers license before we left Charleston–it was pretty easy! Looks like we won’t be getting the car until October, lame! WE MISS AND LOVE YOU!


  3. These pictures are awesome! It is so exciting for you and Chris. Looks like the boys are adapting. Sure do kiss you guys. Love you both!


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