Things are happening.


So after about six months of nothing really happening, all of a sudden everything is going on these last few weeks before the move. It reminds me of when we were building the Park Circle house; it seemed like for three months it was just wood beams and finally the week before closing it was a real house with cabinets, lights, and paint.

I guess now is the time for our cabinets, lights, and paint.

We’ve never really had a big move before–certainly not to another country–so we literally had no idea what to expect. Working with the government is incredibly stressful as you’re essentially planning around them. I know my sense of urgency is definitely falling on the neurotic side of the scale (so I need to keep that in check when working with other people) but it just seems like so many of the important details are very much last minute. And by important details I mean you know, which flight we’re taking (and who’s paying for it), moving details, difference in pay, Chris’s last day of work…. It can be super frustrating and stressful.

Now things are looking like they are actually happening and we are in fact moving next month. Emotions right now are certainly mixed; I’m getting really sentimental at the fact that I am leaving this place I’ve called home for ten years. It can be hard to keep in mind why we originally wanted to do this when I think about the people I’m leaving behind. But I’m incredibly lucky and thankful to have amazing friends and family who support us and all of our decisions.

We can get through this next two limbo weeks as we teeter from all that we’ve known in the United States to who the hell knows in Hungary. I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m all the things.

2 thoughts on “Things are happening.

  1. Ahh Ashlyn! I’m so excited to continue reading about your adventures (and hopefully even being a part of them when I come to visit you!) I’m so so grateful for you, and it brings me no small amount of joy to know that there are people in the world like you. Also, I loved your post on the Olympics.


    1. Nicole! Thank you for all the kind words! I’m so grateful for you and our time we worked together 🙂 I hope France is going amazing and I would love to find a time to visit! Lets chat soon.


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