Pizza, Wine, and Exploring Italy

Two weeks ago Chris and I visited our dear friend before she moves back to the states. She’s lived in Italy for the past couple of years and it really sucks that we didn’t have a lot of time in Europe to hang out but I think we made the most of it.

Where are we?

We visited Sacile, Polcenigo, and Aviano, about a six hour drive for us through either Austria (which we took on the way there) or Slovenia (our trip on the way back).

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 5.21.34 PM.png

Sacile It’s a beautiful little town and thankfully the weather was gorgeous during our visit.






We also had pizza (twice) while visiting.

And too much wine (of course).

We also visited the Gorgazzo Springs in Polcinego (seriously looks like they are out of a Disney movie):


Anyone think this looks like the Deatheater signal?


Finally, a trip to Aviano to stock up on the American things we miss (hot sauce, ranch, Cheez-Its):


I don’t know if its the 29 years I’ve lived on immensely flat land (Texas, Ohio, South Carolina) but the mountains are just so overwhelming to me.

Ashlyn (2)

❤ Ashlyn

One thought on “Pizza, Wine, and Exploring Italy

  1. How was the food? I was hoping for beautiful plates of pasta, cheese, and gorgeous breakfasts! You guys are very lucky, enjoy!


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