Brunch, Pimm’s, & Windsor Castle: the Most British Day of My Life

Sheesh it has been a while since I posted any updates!


Forgive me for my lack of routine posts but I promise to have a ton coming up this month (California! Slovenia! Poland! All the things!)

Back to England:

Haley and I decided to visit Windsor Castle on my final day in England. We took the short train ride up to Windsor to tour the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world.

But first… BRUNCH.

Alright we didn’t order mimosas, but the concept is universal
View from our table ❤

We stopped in Richmond for brunch and book shopping before heading out to Windsor. Haley’s flatmate recommended the wonderful Jackson and Rye for breakfast and I’m so glad we were able to secure a reservation.

Too excited for our Bloody Mary jug that we can’t hold the camera still

When we saw the option for a Bloody Mary jug, there was no way either one of us could refuse. The server looked at us like we were nuts (justified) and the entire wait staff was visibly impressed (our server clapped) when we finished the whole thing.


Huevos Rancheros, the love of my life
Avocado Florentine

100% full and 100% satisfied with our Bloody Mary game, we traveled back to the train station to make our way to Windsor.

Can’t say no to a LAVENDER pretzel as a train snack

After arriving in Windsor, we headed up to the castle, but decided to make one last pit stop so I could try Pimm’s for the first time.

Bartender: “You’ve never heard of Pimm’s?!”

Developed by James Pimm (who ran an oyster bar) in 1823 as a “health tonic”, Pimm’s has been a popular drink in England for the past 150+ years. Originally gin-based, the Pimm’s #1 cup was the first version created and sold. In England, the fruit and herb based liqueur is usually mixed with sparkling lemonade but the liqueur is also popular in New Orleans, where they mix Pimm’s with lemonade, soda, and cucumber.

So classy

After enjoying our Pimm’s, we walked up to the castle to purchase our tickets for the tour. The lady selling tickets instructed us to look at the flag flying on top of one the towers. Confused, we asked why and she excitedly responded that the Queen was currently residing in Windsor (Queen Elizabeth and I have similar travel agendas it seems).

The Royal Standard flag is raised when the Queen is at Windsor

Originally built in 1098 by William the Conquerer, Windsor Castle has been used by the monarchy since Henry I; it is the largest and longest-occupied castle in Europe. The Castle’s 13 acres also contains St. George’s Chapel, which was built in 1275 by Edward IV. The chapel is burial site for many famous Brits including Henry VIII (known for his six marriages and separation of the Church of England and the Catholic Church). During WWII, the royal family actually stayed in Windsor, although it was widely believed they were at Buckingham Palace.

Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside of the castle or chapel, but it was a beautiful tour.


One of the drawing rooms (source: the Royal Collection)




Grand Reception Room.jpg
The Grand Reception Room was one my favorites (source: the Royal Collection)



State Dining Room.jpg
State Dining Room (source: the Royal Collection) used to be just for the king!



Queens Drawing Room_1.jpg
Queen’s Ballroom (source: the Royal Collection). I LOVED this room. It was beautiful and we made friends with one of the tour guides. We asked which was his favorite portrait was and he laughed, responding that no one had asked him that before!
View from the courtyard


St George's hall.jpg
St. George’s Hall (source: the Royal Collection)
Our sunny weather could only last so long


Windsor is really worth the trip if you have time!



Classic nerds

Bonus brunch gif in case you need this in your life today:



Ashlyn (2)

Reading: But What if We’re Wrong? by Chuck Klosterman

Watching: Baby Driver directed by Edgar Wright

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  1. So glad to see your pictures of your trip—-wonderful. Could you walk after that pitcher, very impressive! Would you go with me? I’d love to go.


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